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About La Amazona Bella

"Greetings to all current and new readers!  
My name is Leah Omilion, I am a local latina business executive with a passion for the Hispanic Cultural Arts, People and Horses.

You may not recognize me by name, BUT you may find something about me familiar...   

I am a regional performing artist and do many local Flamenco, Jarabe Tapatillo, and horse-back exebitions.   I feel very strongly about my Hispanic heritage, and am proud to be a part of such a colorful and resilient culture. 
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Alta Escuela
Alta Escuela - Mexican Folk Performance by Ruben Rangel 2010Boulder County Fair.See more at let on Horse Back. Ruben Rangel with Leah Omilion. Horses: Rumboso & R...

It is my goal to fill every one of my "La Amazonza Bella" articles and web pages with practical information about:

* Horses ( training, events, diet, etc...) 
*Health ( good nutrition, and fitness practices)
*Matters of the heart ( wisdom for the soul & on relationships ) 
*Beauty ( All the secrets to being HOT ).

There is so much that we, as women, need to give back to ourselves to overflow and touch the lives of others.

I plan on sharing all that I have learned with you - in the hope that I can help you on your journey to self actualization."

-With Love,